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Solar power instead of tiles
for your photovoltaic system

It's great when aesthetics and efficiency complement each other so perfectly. With the Sundeck in-roof solution, the powerful solar power modules sit at the same height as the rest of the roof, creating a uniquely elegant appearance. Just as suitable for tiles as for slate, it's a solution that sets new standards for aesthetic quality, even as a complete roof. With its small number of perfectly synchronised system elements, the Sundeck is technically impressive too. The sophisticated and rainproof substructure is fastened directly to the roof battens, making installing the solar power system simple.

the advantages
of the photovoltaic in-roof solution

the technology

successful sundeck projects

the design solution

There's no need for regular roof tiles when you renovate or construct your roof with Sundeck. The Sundeck in-roof system is simply adapted to the level of the roof covering, so it integrates into the aesthetic design of the house. The Sundeck is a sub-roof for solar modules which is bolted to the horizontal roof battens. With their low profile, at the same height as the other tiles, the solar modules fit seamlessly with the house's aesthetic. This solution is also perfect for areas with high wind and snow loads. The prefabricated system elements make the Sundeck easy to assemble and mount; it's absolutely leak-proof and permanently corrosion-resistant thanks to the galvanised steel sheet with polyester coating.

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